The Cubegarden

The Cubegarden
it’s a garden.  of cubes. it’s an LED interactive art project.
What is it?
The Cubegarden is the newest large-scale art installation created within The Phage camp for Burning Man. It functions as a place to rest, a unique chance for interactive entertainment, or the building blocks for your own artistic ideas!

A collection of 50 translucent, glowing cubes, the cubegarden was originally designed for Burning Man 2019 as part of our camp, The Phage.  The cubes are designed to be large enough for people to sit on (and quite comfortable!) but small enough that they may be picked up and rearranged. A multitude of sensors inside each cube allow them to light up and change color patterns depending on how users move or interact with them.  The cubes’ sensors also enable interactive games and behaviors for the curious to discover. The garden of the future both encourages and rewards play and experimentation.. you’ll have to try it for yourself to learn the secrets of the cubes!
What can you do with cubes?
People used the cubes in ways we couldn’t have imagined!  People sat on them, but they also built so many things!  Temporary disco dance floors, pyramids for sitting, even just standing on a cube to show off your dance moves or to get a better vantage point.. 
Reactive to sound, a favorite mode of the cubes was flashing along to music – making them an integral part of the dance floor and party experience.
Who are we?
The Cubegarden came to life through the effort of a global team spread across Asia and the US. We were inspired by the idea of comfortable but interactive art that would light up the night.

The future of The Cubegarden
We’re looking forward to improving The Cubegarden for future festivals, parties, and group experiences, and exploring how we can bring the magic of the cubes to more people.
Look for us soon around the San Francisco Bay area!
Contact Us:
If you’re interested in what we’re doing and would like to know more, send us an email!